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6305 Castle Pl.
Unit 3D
Falls Church VA 22044

385 Garrisonville Rd
Suite 110A
Stafford, VA 22554

Eyebrow Treatment

Frequently Asked


What is Microblading?

Microblading is the artistic technique of tattooing individual hair strokes with a handheld tool called a microblade. Unlike traditional tattooing which uses a machine, microblading artists hand draw each hair to match the color and coarseness of your eyebrows, resulting in natural looking brows.

What is a Powder Eyebrow?

A Powder eyebrow, also known as Microshading, Ombre brows, Shaded brows, amongst other names is a technique where we deposit pigment into the skin using a tattoo machine and fine needle,  resulting in a defined, soft makeup look.


How long do results last?

Once healed results last an average of 1-2 years. Since every skin is different results may vary.

Does it hurt?

Most clients compare the pain to getting your eyebrows threaded. Sensitive clients may experience temporary pain and some report no pain at all and may even fall asleep.  We use a topical anesthetic before and during the procedure to numb the affected area.

How long does the appointment last?

It usually takes about 2 hours, with most of the time spent drawing eyebrow shapes. The microblading portion lasts 30-45 minutes.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please refer to our Pre-Procedure Advice tab above.  In the week before your appointment we recommend avoiding: blood thinners, aspirin, alcohol, fish oil or using retinol creams. Please consult your Physician if you have a medical condition and/or are taking medications.

How long does it take to heal?

You'll be able to wear your new brows back to lunch! In the first 10 days  you will need to avoid getting them wet, working out or wearing brow makeup. It takes about 30-45 days to completely heal, in which time you may experience mild scabbing.

What is the after care?

Stay out of the sun and water while your Permanent Makeup heals. Avoid chlorine, exfoliation creams, and sun exposure; they may cause your color to fade. We recommend applying a very small amount of ointment twice a day. Refer to our after care instructions and you will also be handed a printed copy to take home along with an after care kit when you come in for your appointment.

When should I get a touch up?

Permanent Makeup is a two-step process, and requires a perfecting session between 4-8 weeks of your appointment. Perfecting sessions are not included in initial session cost.

Can I get Permanent Makeup done while I'm pregnant?

No, we do not recommend receiving Permanent Makeup services while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Who is NOT eligible for Permanent Makeup?

We do not provide Permanent Makeup for people: under 18 years old without parental consent, pregnant or nursing, if you have diabetes, glaucoma, skin diseases such as Shingles, psoriasis or eczema on the area of treatment, allergies to makeup, Keloid scar disorder, HIV/Hepatitis, skin cancer, hemophilia, or if you're taking Acne medications.


Can I get Permanent Makeup done if I have a scar in my brow area?

If you have a scar, please contact us and provide a picture so that we can determine if you are a good candidate. Microblading is great for covering up most, yet not all scars. 

Does Permanent Makeup work on all skin tones and skin types?

Yes! Permanent Makeup works on all skin tones and types. Oily skin may need more frequent touch ups. If you suffer from Keloid disorder, we do not recommend Permanent Makeup.


Does Microblading look like real hair?

Yes! Because draw in each individual hair stroke to mimic your natural hair growth and pattern.

Where are you located?

We have 2 locations available where we offer our microblading and permanent makeup services. Our first location is in Falls Church, Virginia and our second location is in Stafford, Virginia.

About Me


the Artist

Melanie Margeaux founded NOVAbrows in 2016 after spending many years working as a Registered Nurse. Though she loved working in the medical field, Melanie felt she could not silence her passion for art and all things creative. After much consideration she realized the perfect marriage between medicine and art was Permanent Makeup. This is exactly where she knew she could apply her knack for catering to peoples' needs, her keen eye for harmony and her artistic abilities. When she's not in the studio, you can find Melanie spending time with her little mermaid Kai, traveling the world, or planning her next adventure. 

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