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Pre-Procedure Advice

Please read the following advice carefully

Permanent Makeup procedures normally require multiple treatment sessions. For best results, clients will be required to return for at least one touch-up appointment. This will take place between 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure. Those with oily skin may require additional touch-ups. Please be aware that color intensity will be significantly darker and sharper immediately after the initial procedure and will reduce by 30-50%.

Although a numbing agent is used during the procedure, slight sensitivity/discomfort may still be experienced. Delicate or sensitive skin may be red and/or swollen after the procedure.

Abstain from alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to treatment.

Avoid following spices prior to appointment: black pepper, cardamom, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, garlic, horseradish and mustard.

Abstain from waxing or tinting of eyebrow area 48 hours prior to procedure.

NO Electrolysis treatment should be undergone 5 days before procedure.

NO use of AHA products and Retinoids 2 weeks prior to procedure.

NO exfoliating or microdermabrasion treatments 2 weeks prior to procedure.

NO chemical peels or laser peels 6 weeks prior to procedure.

NO Botox or fillers 4 weeks prior to procedure.

Topical Anesthetic Advice:

An Allergic reaction can occur from any anesthetic used during the procedure. If you do suffer from an allergic reaction, you should contact your doctor immediately. Allergic reaction response may show through redness, swelling, rash, blistering, dryness or any other symptoms associated with an allergic reaction.

Numbness- We cannot accept responsibility if the area to be treated does not respond to the numbing agent. Each individual is different according to skin type. Some clients report the area to be completely numb, while others may experience some discomfort.

Contraindications for Permanent Makeup: (If you currently have any of these conditions, you are NOT a good candidate for Permanent Makeup)

  • Pregnancy/Nursing

  • Liver Disease

  • Compromised skin near brow area

  • Hemophilia

  • Keloid scarring

  • Cold sore/fever blisters- must take anti-viral prior to treatment

  • Hormone therapies- can affect pigmentation and/or cause sensitivity

  • The following medical conditions require a note from your doctor giving consent for procedure:

          Diabetes Type 1 and 2, High Blood Pressure, auto-immune disease, thyroid/Grave’s disease, Cancer

          any other medical condition that causes slow healing or high risk of infection.

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